Skillshare Mixing With Your Eyes Smart Music & Audio Mixing, Visual Equalization and Compression Techniques

Hello! Welcome to the Visual Mixing Formula for Beginners!

In this course, you are going to learn how to mix using essentially your eyes.

What I developed here is something completely new. I’m sure you have never seen nothing like this before!

People in online forums will tell you “use your ears, not your eyes”, but I’m here to prove that you should be using your eyes in addition to your ears in order to maximize your results.

I have seen pro mixers making basic mistakes, simply because their ears were fooling them in that situation.

The information contained in this course cannot be found anywhere else. As I said before, this system is completely unique and fully developed by me, after years of research.

Although you can use it that way, it is important to mention that the goal of the visual mixing formula is not to deliver a completely finished mix. In fact, the main purpose is to deliver a great starting point from where you can make artistic decisions without worrying too much about technical aspects.

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