realsamples Swiss Grand for HALion

A musical journey into another century: Swiss Grand 1860
This sampled concert grand piano was crafted by the Zürich-based company Hüni & Hübert in the year 1860. Its timeless, elegant design is reflected by a beautifully full-bodied, transparent, warm tone with raunchy bass, something which is very hard to find in modern pianos. Recorded with 32 velocity layers, with eight samples per key release and damper movement, this sample library for HALion takes you on a musical journey through time.

Concert grand piano built in 1860 by Swiss company Hüni & Hübert
Recorded with 32 velocity layers per note
Key releases and damper noise recorded with eight samples per note
Sampled at its original tuning pitch of 437 Hz (adjustable to different tunings)

The historical Swiss Grand was an integral component of a collection curated by musicologist Andreas Beurmann (1928-2016), which has been meticulously preserved in excellent condition. It was recorded on location using a specialized signal chain, including a custom-made set of tube microphones. It was captured at 192 kHz/24 bit and resampled to 48 kHz. It’s presented for the first time as a sample library at its original tuning pitch of 437 Hz, yet offers the flexibility of pitch adjustments within the instrument.

About realsamples
realsamples specializes in the sampling of rare, historical keyboard instruments which are usually locked away in museums or private collections. Its dedicated recording engineers capture the essence of each instrument as authentically as possible, offering today’s musicians worldwide the wonderful experience of playing instruments from former centuries.

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