Spitfire Audio Martyn Ware NIC KONTAKT

Rare vintage synthesizers
A true pioneer and founding member of trailblazing acts The Human League and Heaven 17 creates and produces an exclusive selection of classic analogue synth and drum sounds from his collection of rarefied electronic delights.
Synths include Roland System 100, Jupiter 8 and Korg 700 with warped versions produced by award winning composers and producers.

With over 270 delectable presets, some with up to 5 distinctly different mixable signal paths this library is broad selection of synth and drums sounds that chart the very beginnings of UK electronica and synthesizer pop which were to influence heavily the burgeoning “electro” subset of the NY hip hop scene led by the likes of Afrika Bambaataa in the late seventies and early eighties. With a huge selection of pads, leads, pops, drums, fx, amazing tempo locked sequences and curios designed by hand, by the man himself plus a comprehensive selection of warped versions, sound designed by top award winning composers and producers. All presented in “super mono” to give you a selection of channels processed via vintage class-a analogue outboard processing.

Martyn Ware has been an essential and avid contributor to electro-pop music since the late 1970’s, and is partly responsible for such hit records as ‘Being Boiled’ and ‘Temptation’. As well as being a founding member of British Electric Foundation, The Human League and Heaven 17. Martyn has worked with a myriad of talent including Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Erasure, Marc Almond, Mavis Stapes and Terence Trent D’Arby. As a record producer and artist, Martyn has featured on recordings totalling over 50 million sales worldwide. In 2001, Martyn joined forces with Vince Clarke to found Illustrious Company, and together they continue to combine their unique three-dimensional sound technology to collaborate with an array of artists, corporate clients and clientele within the performing arts industry.Although a proud Sheffield native, Martyn now lives and works in London, and can be found acting as Visiting Professor for Queen Mary College at the University of London when not working away in his studio based, like us, at Tileyard.

Synths and sequences
The Roland System 100 is often said to be the last great synth with the last great pair of oscillators. Hand made only a few units were sold so they’re incredibly hard to come by. This particular unit was gifted to Martyn by Vince Clarke in return for services rendered producing an Erasure album. It plays host to Martyn’s staggering programming prowess and allows us to revisit all those great Human League and Heaven 17 sounds. Alongside, synths, leads, pops, and basses are some great sequences which are worth the price of admission alone!

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