10.78 GB of losless 24bit 44’100 khz WAVE-Files & MIDI Files
Zipped 8.65 GB
4’975 WAVE-Samples & MIDI-Files

All samples are in 24bit 44’100 khz WAVE format or in standard MIDI format
All Loops are produced in 124 BPM
Except: Tonal EFX, which are in 130BPM
All samples are performed, designed, mixed and produced by Christian Beat Hirt
Except: The vocal hooks and adlibs which are performed by Lika Morgan and co-written by Lika Morgan

1’204 One Shot Drums & Synths
799 Designed Top Loops
143 Fill-Ins
563 Effects
590 Bassloops (Inc. MIDI-Files)
766 Melody Loops (Inc. MIDI-Files)
275 Arpeggio Loops (Inc. MIDI-Files)
114 Atmosphere Loops
407 Vocal Loops

CYCLOPEDIA ONE is a toolbox for everybody who produces and loves house, afro house, tech house, deep house, progressive house or melodic house music. Yes, it is all about house!

This library contains everything one needs to produce the next house hit or to create an edgy dancefloor smasher. From an excessive variety of one-shots to a vide selection of perfectly crafted top and synth loops this package has it all. With over 407 loops, this toolbox also contains one of the largest vocal libraries available on the market.
And if that is not enough, we offer ALL of our melodic loops as separate MIDI-files as well for free. Most of the loops and effects are also included as dry options (plus untuned vocal loop options) to effect them the way you want them to sound and to sit perfectly in your mix.
Finally, we have over 10 full libraries in 1, produced and performed by GRAMMY nominated producer and sound-designer Christian Beat Hirt, who worked a full year to create this outstanding library in his private studio in Nashville. Over 10 gigabytes of loops, one shots and midi files for an unbeatable price that is lower than most on-demand platforms offer.

CYCLOPEDIA ONE offers hundreds of highly sought after loops from house pianos, melodic synths, arpeggios, bass lines, all kinds of FX and vocals. All at your fingertips for endless creation and collaboration. By studio quality sounds and exquisite attention to detail, Cyclopedia One is taking your production to the next level.


Microphones used:
Fostex M88RP Printed Ribbon
Royer R-121
Sure SM57
AKG D112

Pre-Amps used:
Avalon AD2022
Apogee Symphony

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