KORG Gadget 3.1.0 macOS [HCiSO]

KORG Gadget is the ideal all-in-one music production software and plug-in suite featuring over 40 small synthesizers/drum machines (“gadgets”), which can be freely combined to create music driven by a powerful yet intuitive user interface. The range of products includes the award-winning iOS version, a Mac version that includes all functions and plug-ins, and a plug-in version that can be used with your favorite DAW on Mac.

KORG Gadget 3 offers an expanded variety of even more features to quickly turn your ideas into music, including two new gadgets, five insert effects (IFX), a new genre select system, and VST3 and AUv3 support. In addition, the user interface has been brushed up to make the Gadget Browser, IFX page, and Play page even more intuitive. KORG Gadget 3 is the perfect tool to quickly turn your ideas into music.

• Santa Ana – Rhythm Guitar Machine
• Sydney – Loop Sampler Machine

KORG Gadget 3 is now even more powerful
Now in its third generation, KORG Gadget 3 is more powerful than ever, the workflow is now more intuitive and easier to use than ever before and there are plenty of new features and new gadgets. Two new gadgets have been added: “Santa Ana,” which makes it easy for anyone to create realistic rhythm guitar, and “Sydney,” which imports long samples and manipulates loops. New features include a “Gadget Browser” that enables sound search, an improved “Play Page” with an easier-to-use scale menu, and “Genre Select” that allows you to combine your favorite patterns before starting to create a song.

The IFX features a greatly improved user interface, with graphical displays for EQ, Compression, and other sound adjustments. Five new effects have also been added, including an 8-Band EQ, Transient Shaper, Stereo Imager, Auto Pumper, and Pitch Shifter to expand the possibilities of your music production.

In addition, the iOS version now supports AUv3, allowing gadget instruments to be used in Garageband, Logic Pro, and other applications. These new features will strongly support your music production.

A huge collection of over 40 gadget instruments
Overwhelming sound. Immersive, intuitive and powerful user interface. Unprecedented and innovative quality. KORG Gadget 3 is a collection of over 40 gadget instruments, including compact synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and audio and MIDI utilities. It has sophisticated parameters that make it easy for you to get to the sound they want, so you can create your own sounds instantly. The new Sound Browser allows you to get to your favorite sounds in the quickest time possible. It is perfectly suited for dance music as well as rock, pop, jazz, and other music sounds and genres. You are sure to find the sound you want among the numerous gadgets.

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