Hunter Rogerson The Wildmother’s Dulcimer Vol II Kontakt

A hammered dulcimer evoking forests and glades with evocative aleatoric playing as well as deeply-sampled standard articulations
After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to bring the second half of the Wildmother’s Dulcimer into Pianobook!

This collection is a healthy extension of the first. Like the first set of patches, it presents a mix of standard articulations with deep integrity and aleatoric, performative patches that achieve textures and colours impossible to otherwise program with MIDI.

This project was very near and dear to me and I hope you get even a fraction of that joy in putting this library to use

Included patches:
Hammer and Trem Combo (employs the sustain pedal for seamless articulation switching)
Plucked Harmonics
Bowed Tremolo
Cedar Splatterpaint
Meadow Chimes
Woodpecker (bonus percussion patch using the mallets on the body of the dulcimer)

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