uJAM Virtual Guitarist SILK 2 v2.3.0 U2B Mac

SILK 2 beautifully captures the essence of nylon-string guitars with its completely new guitar model. A large collection of phrases, and a wide variety of chords, octaves and riffs makes SILK 2 perfect for crafting elegant pop and rock songs, or adding an intimate touch to just about any genre. Next generation acoustic nylon guitar Elegance in Every Note. Strummed and picked accompaniments.

What’s in There?
– NEW Instrument mode
– Picking and strumming styles
– NEW Open Chords feature
– 40 Stomp box emulations, 75 Finisher FX Modes

Melodic warmth
SILK 2 performs with the finesse of a seasoned studio virtuoso—someone who has honed their craft through countless hours of practice.

Quality over quantity
We meticulously curated the perfect guitar for SILK 2 and recorded it with a range of microphone set-ups to open up sonic possibilities. Its creative effects make for seamless crafting of your signature sound.

Features at a glance
SILK 2 stands out with its user-friendly design and creative possibilities. From the new smart chord engine to the Instrument mode, each element is tailored to elevate your artistic expression.

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