Acustica Audio Coral 2 2023-R2R

Coral 2 includes an equalizer, a compressor, an elliptical filter, and a preamp module — plus a new, powerful M/S Baxandall EQ, enabling you to shape the tone of your masters to perfection.

Transparent and Tridimensional
Coral 2 is an extremely transparent processor thanks to the smooth, broad curves of its equalizer and the uniquely forgiving behavior of its dynamic section. Notably, the compressor applies an ultra-soft clipping layer to the signal; this gentle and musical application saves the transients from being brutally chopped off.

The M/S Bax EQ: Take Back Control
We took inspiration from the classic Baxandall shelving curves of the 1950s and created a uniquely powerful and smooth equalizer designed to be a “finishing EQ.” The added M/S features make this a perfect equalizer for tracking, mixing, and mastering, as well as a great master bus EQ.

Elliptical Filter
The Elliptical Filter is a crossover filter followed by a stereo image controller; it alters the stereo width of the incoming signal below a user-defined frequency. The cutoff frequency can be selected from 20 stepped values ranging from 40 Hz to 360 Hz.

Preamplifier Module
Coral’s preamp module includes 3 different “flavors” for you to choose from: Air, Tape, and Coral. It gives you the option to use them in dual mono (a “perfected” preamp,” which is completely identical for both channels) or in stereo mode (a preamp containing slight differences between the left and right channels, just like a preamp would in the hardware domain).

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