Udemy Beginners Guitar Course TUTORiAL

Ever dreamed of playing guitar? With over 10 years of experience teaching, almost 20 years playing guitar, graduated from Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, and am a working professional in the music/film industry, I understand the ins and outs of being a professional guitarist. Learn my best way to start learning guitar. In this course, you’ll learn all the parts of your guitar, postures, learning to read tabs and notation, learning all your strings, basic chords, and an introduction to lead guitar playing.

With over 60 PDFs to follow along and exercises, this course will get you ready to play guitar in no time! These lessons and exercises are based on my experience working with students of all ages and created this custom curriculum to make sure you get the best results. Start your guitar journey with me and the fun does not end here! Soon, I will be posting the continuation of this series so stay tuned! This course is perfect for those who are brand new or have never taken any formal lessons. I am proud to be your instructor and I can’t wait to see you progress through this course. I will see you guys very soon!

What you’ll learn

•Learn all the parts of your guitar
•Learn the name and how to play every string
•Learn basic chords that can be easily applied
•Tips and tricks that can help speed up learning and build great habits

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