Lese Codec v1.0.0 VST3 AU WiN macOS


与其他以“老式”方式(如黑胶唱片、磁带或磁带)模拟降级的插件不同,Codec 以我们今天听到的最常见的方式通过互联网压缩算法来降级声音!

编解码器本质上是一个包含音频压缩器(不是那种压缩器)的容器,因此您可以在您选择的 DAW 中实时压缩然后解压缩您的声音。

由于 Codec 基本上只是一个容器,我们认为将其作为 VST3 和 AU 插件免费提供是公平的,所以尽情享受吧!

Codec can simulate a poor internet connection through the use of it’s “Loss” system (as well as how ‘lost packets’ are handled). Packets can either be lost totally (and the internal algorithm will try to “reconstruct” your sound in real-time), or they can be held and repeated (for a super glitchy effect).

A “Bit” Of Crunch
You can take Codec to it’s limits via the crunch section. Massive amounts of gain can be applied to the frequency section of your choosing, and then removed once compression & decompression have been completed, keeping your sound at the same volume but adding even more artifacts.

Mode Selection
算法的内部状态也可以改变。如果点击标题栏中的 Lese 标志,您可以在“语音”模式、“音乐”模式和“低延迟”模式之间切换。这些模式中的每一种对传入声音的响应都略有不同。

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