Skillshare The Ultimate Beat Mixing Masterclass : Beginner to Advanced – PART 1

Learning a new skill can be daunting. When it comes to skills like mixing beats, the involvement of complex software and effects can make it even more difficult.

Hi, my name is Vishal. I have been producing music for 4 years and this skill has become second nature to me.

This course is a 3-part series of short, easy-to-follow, non-technical lectures, especially made for those who are just starting out.

Benefits of taking this course

1. My method of Mixing beats, broken down into easy steps included in this course.
2. Jargon-free language, catering to the needs of beginners.
3. Question & Answer included.
4. Step-by-step Walkthrough from an experienced Professional.
5. All workflow hacks, demonstrated!
6. Regular updates.

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