Arturia Synth V-Collection 2022.5 CE-VR

A premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made, enhanced for today’s production workflow.

One installer for:
ARP 2600 V3 v3.10.0
Buchla Easel V v1.10.0
CMI V v1.10.0
CS-80 V4 v4.0.0
CZ V v1.6.0
DX7 V v1.10.0
Emulator II V v1.3.0
Jun-6 V v1.3.0
Jup-8 V4 v4.3.0
KORG MS-20 V v1.0.0
Matrix-12 V2 v2.10.0
Mini V3 v3.10.0
Modular V3 v3.10.0
OP-Xa V v1.4.0
Prophet-5 V v1.0.0
Prophet-VS V v1.0.0
SEM V2 v2.10.0
SQ80 V v1.3.0
Synclavier V v2.10.0
Synthi V v1.6.0
Vocoder V v1.3.0

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